This AI platform has raised more than $1M to help Golfers improve their swing

Sparrow uses A.I. to Help Athletes Improve Starting with Golf! New York NY Entertainment Technology Software App Sports OVERVIEW DETAILS UPDATES 20 WHAT PEOPLE SAY 177 ASK A QUESTION 14 Highlights 1⏱ 80% of our round is already taken (see to right or above) 2🏆 Voted #1 as Most Valuable Company at prestigious Keiretsu […]

Startup’s New $1 Billion Fund Will Let Employees Cash Out Before an IPO

Forge Global enables startup workers to sell their stock on a private exchange. If your employees are looking for ways to cash out of their company stock, Peter Thiel wants to help. Forge Global–a Thiel-backed startup that helps employees of private companies sell shares in a pre-IPO stock market–announced a new minority investment from French bank […]

EquityNet review 2021 – A crowdfunding Platform Investments in Start-ups

  Overview Equity net is a crowdfunding platform that offers early-stage companies and ambitious entrepreneurs the possibility to raise funds through debt or equity financing. It was created in 2005, and since then, it has become popular among accredited inventors and start-up companies, and it should be. As for the investment deals and transactions, we’re […]

A Quick Guide to Startup Funding

  Raising money from a Venture Capital (VC) firm is extremely challenging. The odds of receiving an equity check from Andreessen Horowitz is just 0.7% (see below), and the chances of your startup being successful after that are only 8%.  Combined, that’s a 0.05% or 1 in 2000 success rate.   What Does a Top […]