Sparrow uses A.I. to Help Athletes Improve Starting with Golf!


1⏱ 80% of our round is already taken (see to right or above)
2🏆 Voted #1 as Most Valuable Company at prestigious Keiretsu Forum Expo (1000+ investors)
3🏌🏻‍♂️Pro golfers: Martin Laird, Harold Varner III, Brittany Lincicome are investors + ambassadors
4📱Our revolutionary App uses A.I. to help athletes improve, starting with golf
5📈 $7B market in golf, our 1st sport, with plans to expand to all sports ($100B opportunity)
6💸 Previously raised $1.8M (oversubscribed) from Fortune 500 execs, serial Investors, sport icons
7💡 Founders are Serial Entrepreneurs (2 previous exits), Product Innovators and A.I. PhD’s
8🚀 Beta launch saw 94% repeat users – preparing to launch a few weeks after this round

The Problem They Are Solving

Every athlete wants to improve.  For golfers, they typically want to break 100, 90, 80, par

Pro lessons are helpful but:
• take time
• can be expensive
• what is learned often doesn’t stick
Once out on the course, the slice comes back, the hook comes back, etc.

No easy way exists to get immediate 
pro-level feedback in real-time … until now.

Solution: Sparrow helps Golfers Improve

After taking a video of your golf swing with Sparrow’s app, our A.I. will:
• Analyze your Swing
• Identify and Show you Deficiencies
• Suggest Tips and Drills so you can Improve.

In recent Closed Beta tests, 9 out of 10 golfers said they improved with Sparrow. 

Soon to be in All Sports

Although 100% percent focused on golf today, Sparrow is building its technology to allow it to expand rapidly into other sports in the future. Ultimately, Sparrow’s technology is not only for golf, but will be able to optimize all participation sports!

The Market

There are 24 million golfers in the U.S. alone. When we ask Golfers they typically say they’re willing to spend $10/month or $20/month for Sparrow; often going up to $99 a month. Their reference price is the cost of a lesson or what they spend each year on golf ($2,800 on average going up to $13,000 for the serious golfer ).

Using the lowest number, $10 a month, and multiplying by 24 million golfers in the U.S., that gives Sparrow an addressable Market of $2 Billion dollars domestically.

With 60 million golfers worldwide, that gives Sparrow an addressable Market of $7 Billion dollars globally.

99% of golfers have never experienced an A.I. golf swing app… but they will with Sparrow!

Why Sparrow is a “GameChanger”

The Sparrow app has several features which make it, in the words of Harold Varner III, “a Game Changer”:

Business Model & Financial Projections

Sparrow plans to use a Freemium model, which will maximize the viral spread of Sparrow and allow it to garner both paying and trial customers.

Marketing Advantages: Virally to Athletes

Sparrow has the advantage of marketing to a customer segment that is identifiable both offline and online : athletes. Athletes tend to shop, watch and socialize in circles related to their sport. As such, the marketing cost to reach such a segment is lower than that of reaching the general population, which will be advantageous to Sparrow in it’s marketing efforts.

The Sparrow app has a secondary marketing advantage – due to its revolutionary nature, it is inherently viral.

– 4 out of 5 Sparrow closed beta users recommended Sparrow to an average of 4.3 friends, which is 1.5x higher than that of your average app (2.68 per user).

– The anticipated viral spread of Sparrow conveys another advantage to the company as it uses both social and paid marketing channels to spread the word about Sparrow.


How Sparrow Got Started

All 3 of Sparrow’s founders have an athletic background. But it was really Joe our CEO’s experience coaching his daughter’s soccer teams that led to the ultimate creation of Sparrow:

When AI + Mobile meets Human Movement

Sparrow is the result of A.I. and mobile phone processing coming together to make automatic analysis of human movement possible. The phone is essentially a super computer coupled with a high resolution camera available in your pocket – anytime and anyplace.

The Sparrow app takes full advantage of this situation – which only came about in the past 3 years – by using computer vision and machine learning to detect and analyze a golfer’s precise movements. Sparrow then uses a neural network that hones in on critical points of performance, allowing golfers, and soon all athletes, to seize control of their own athletic improvement.

As new advances like Lidar and 3-D modeling become prevalent and more feasible, Sparrow will continue to improve it’s apps, allowing all athletes to reach their full potential

Valuation / Pricing

In pricing this round we looked at all all the tech-classified companies on Crunchbase (which includes Equity Crowdfunding companies) that:

• did a raise in 2021
• are pre launch (pre-seed and seed) – like Sparrow

Of those that had information to verify that they were pre-launch and had a publicly-announced valuation, the average pre-money valuation was $19.9 million ($19.9 M).

So we decided to price our round lower (see to right), to (i) be conservative and (ii) make sure we are giving investors in this round a great deal.

Investor Perks

For those who invest in this round we’re offering Limited Edition, customized tier rewards signed by Pro Golfers. You can also check out our Investor Perks, here!

Full Investor Presentation

For those who want to know more.
*** see, CEO, give Sparrow’s entire Business Presentation, here.

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