Investing in Startups 101 by StartEngine

The high-speed world of startups, and the risks of investing in them, are well documented, but startup investing can be complicated and there is a lot of information you should know before making your first investment. This article will try to answer the question “why should you invest in a startup?” by giving you information […]

OurCrowd review 2021: Pros, Cons, & How it works?

Ourcrowd investing offers investors simplicity when they invest in start-ups that that lack the expertise to establish connections with relevant venture capitalists. Ourcrowd was created in 2013 by venture capitalist and angel investor Jonathan Medved with an objective to make an investment platform for accelerated investors, institutions to invest in startups. Since the establishment of […]

Vincent is an Investment Search Engine able to help you find exciting opportunities

What is Vincent? Vincent is a first-of-its-kind search engine designed to help you find new, high-quality investment opportunities. Vincent aggregates thousands of investment offers from platforms and unite those offers with third-party data and insights. This means a better investing experience, one tailored specifically for you and your future portfolio. How does Vincent work? At […]

EquityNet review 2021 – A crowdfunding Platform Investments in Start-ups

  Overview Equity net is a crowdfunding platform that offers early-stage companies and ambitious entrepreneurs the possibility to raise funds through debt or equity financing. It was created in 2005, and since then, it has become popular among accredited inventors and start-up companies, and it should be. As for the investment deals and transactions, we’re […]

StartEngine review – 2021 – A Start Up Investing Platform open to Every Investors

StartEngine is an open platform that provides anyone with the opportunity to invest in a variety of start-ups or receive uncapped direct funding for their startup. With StartEngine, start-ups have the freedom in how they choose to raise funds for their business. Stakeholders and investors also have the opportunity to trade within the same interface, […]

Republic review 2021: Why you should invest with Republic?

  Overview Republic is a private and a leading crowdfunding platform, established to help startups raise funds through investments. Non-accredited investors can now sign up and start investing in start-up companies in a few minutes. Yes, they can, with Republic what was hard to access it’s become accessible and only for $10. Since its establishment, […]

SeedInvest 2021 review: is it worthy to invest in SeedInvest?

Overview SeedInvest is a free online crowdfunding platform, basically its leading equity platform. SeedInvest allows investors like you and me to invest in venture capital of small companies and start-ups. According to SeedInvest founder Rayan Feit, the company is the first company in America that allows investors of all kinds to invest in startup companies […]

LocalStake Review 2021 – Is LocalStake a great investing platform?

LocalStake is an Indianapolis-based equity funding platform with the main focus on local businesses. Investments are made into local businesses and projects, to make local communities better places to operate. On LocalStake, local investors can pool their money together in small increments to make an even bigger impact. You may think of how Localstake will […]

Equitybee review 2021: Pros, Cons, & How it works?

EquityBee is a great platform that connects companies with people interested in investing in pre-IPO startups. With equity bee, you can buy equity shares of private companies, which are all pre-vetted by the company’s management & equity bee team. The best part of the Equitybee investment plan is that anyone can join it with a […]